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Entertainment Fix

Zach Sweat in his Eno camp hammock near Lynx Lake

Eno camp hammock near Lynx Lake

         I spent this weekend up north in the forests of Prescott, Arizona around the Lynx Lake area. My wife and I and another couple were going to use the Memorial weekend to get away from the heat of the valley and relax a bit. I had decided to go up early the Friday before Memorial Day weekend to secure us a spot in the first-come, first-serve campground. Due to the wildfires plaguing Arizona and it being Memorial Day weekend we figured it would be quite difficult to find a spot.

After finding a decent place to set up camp I began to unload the truck and set up—all of which only took about an hour. After finishing the setup it was around 1 o’clock. I was looking at another 5-8 hours till my wife and friends arrived. I tried to entertain myself by tidying up camp, took an hour nap in the hammock I had bought, and then just sat for a while watching the other camps go about their business.

As I sat there waiting I realized there was an inner war waging within. I was enjoying this time alone in the outdoors, something of which I have done in the past and yearn for quite often. But around the 5 hour mark I began to grow increasingly bored and desired some sort of interaction. By this point my phone was dead, my dog was asleep, and I had finished carving a 10 inch spoon out of a piece of tree.

I began to wonder when I became so programmed to need an “entertainment fix”. When had I become so unable to just sit and contemplate, meditate, think, and wonder? I began to question how much this reality was affecting my spiritual life and my time with God. If I am this dependent on being constantly stimulated by television, books, apps, smart phone, et cetera, when am I taking time to just be alone with God? Can I even be alone with God anymore? And if I am constantly distracted how will I ever hear Him over the noise of my life?

What I realized is that I must make a concerted effort to not only seek God and to hear His voice in the midst of the storm, but also when the sea is calm.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10a

Please feel free to leave a comment below on your interactions with the stillness of life and hearing God speak into your life.